11gatsu no Arcadia

11gatsu no Arcadia - LevoL

Ruiseitou is a solitary island in the southern sea far away from the main island. The beautiful ocean which surrounds the island and the charm of its historic Western-style streets draw in many visitors. In October, the streets are decorated in Halloween decorations in preparation for Kidai Gakuen’s founding festival.
There is a jewel kept at the school which can grant any wish. Every year at the festival when the ‘orb’ is displayed to the general public, there are many plans to steal it. However, all attempts have been thwarted by voluntary security groups of townspeople and students. Takuto is the leader of one of these groups, who all have special powers bestowed upon them by the jewel’s magic. Together with his trusted friends, he protects the jewel and the festival.
However, this year is different. His role as the leader is only a façade; he is only awaiting his chance to steal the jewel for himself. He had planned for this moment for three years, in order to resurrect his late imouto.


Title11gatsu no Arcadia Aliases11月のアルカディア Play timeMedium DeveloperLevoL PublishersLevoL GenreSchool, Magic Age rating18+
Japanese Version
11gatsu no Arcadia [JP] Size: 2,3gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
11gatsu no Arcadia [JP] Size: 2,3gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers