Donate to Us

Hello guys, Akame Senpai here!
Starting today we are opening a donation on Saweria.
Why do we decided to make donation after all this time? The main reason is to for us be able to buy another Cloud Hosting so that we can have an alternative download link, buying Remote desktop connection, and keeping our bot alive in Discord.

If you want DesoNovel to have another alternative Cloud Hosting, and continue to upload new or old visual novels more faster (Because we need to use RDP), you can help us by donating to our Saweira account, your donation will also helps us to be able to create events in our group.

Sooo, what's the benefits for donating to us? By donating, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Get a special role on discord.
  2. Your donations will be informed on our monthly podcast.
  3. Access to #download-vn-vip in our Discord, where you only need to put vndb code and the link will come up.
  4. Follow up any event that we will planned to create.
  5. Access to our database Indonesian fan translation
Download-vn-vip channel will be opened for all member untul 10 September 2022, you can try using it until that time.

Donations from you all will be helpful for the continuity of the DesoNovel in the future.
Note: If you want to Donate with other methods, you can ask me in Discord by the username Gilang4321#4406 
When you want to donate, you are required to provide a Discord username in the Saweria message (if you forget you can contact our admin and moderatos on Discord)

The donation link can be opened via this link:
Our Discord channel: