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Our protagonist, Kagami Toshiki, is headed to Tokyo, where he will begin living with his cousin and her family. Unbeknownst to others, he harbors a desire within himself.
He wants to rekindle that creative spark he has all but lost now.
Once young, Toshiki had a dear childhood friend. Her name was Ayase Aisa.
They were always side-by-side, competing to create the better stories between them. However, as Toshiki grew older, he started to feel the gap between them grow ever larger. And soon thereafter, because of familial circumstances, Aisa moved to Tokyo.
The then separated Aisa and Toshiki would still exchange letters, writing about their daily lives and, of course, the stories they had created. However, once the prospect of entering high school drew close, the letters from Aisa ceased.
Nonetheless, Toshiki continued writing stories, making doujin games and the like; Eventually, he landed himself his first commercial light novel debut.
And while he could have continued his current growth ever more, a certain event six months prior had placed him in a slump. And so, he postulated that perhaps spending time with similarly aged creators would help him break free of his slump. Steeling himself, Toshiki enrolled in Saika Private Academy, a school designed for creators to gather in one place.
And soon enough, spring had arrived.
Toshiki has settled in Tokyo now, ready to start his new school life. And it is there, that by pure coincidence, he will be reunited with Aisa once more.


TitleSousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki Aliases創作彼女の恋愛公式 Play timeMedium DeveloperAino+Links PublishersAino+Links GenreSlice of life, Drama, Romance Age rating18+
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