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Six Love, One Truth
Hoshimijima— A beautiful island of stars and sea located at the southern end of Japan. The island where my father was born and raised. I was taken here when I was a little, but I don't remember anything at that time. I was looking at the island, tracing my late father.
LOST:SMILE memories + promises is a pure love story depicting losing and kindness through love with the girls in fictional island in Okinawa, Hoshimijima. Collecting the "pieces" scattered in the story with the heroines, the main character eventually reaches one truth.


TitleLOST:SMILE memories + promises Aliasesロストスマイル メモリーズ + プロミセス, ロッスマ Play timeLong DeveloperLIFE0 PublishersLIFE0 GenreComedy, Drama, Romance Age ratingAll Ages
Japanese Version
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