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Seiryou Gakuen is a popular high-ranked school in the seaside city of Minato which prides itself on the latest facilities and student independence. Since a year ago, it has been managed concurrently by the student council and the new entrants council.
Soutarou is a second year student who is part of the ‘twilight club’ (tasogare-bu) that was formed under special circumstances and is governed by the student council. It helps with minor things like searching for lost objects and resolving troubles and worries. Even though every day is busy, they are carefree and he gets to walk to school with the student council president who he looks up to and talk with the beautiful club leader.
One day, he received a letter with no name on it:
“Will you be able to solve the repeated problems that will happen from now on?”
At the same time, a helicopter descended upon the school. The club was then beseiged by various troubles: negotations with the two school councils, a place with snow cherry blossoms, a mysterious clock tower, and a mysterious ability that could be used only by a few select people. There are many secrets called ‘alicegram’ which lie buried in the town. Will Soutarou be able to solve them all?


TitleShirokoi Sakura * Gram Aliases白恋サクラ*グラム Play timeLong DeveloperNanaWind PublishersNanaWind GenreSchool, Romance, Magic Age rating18+
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