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Shin was instructed to record a TV program as usual by his sister Hatora, who was a famous artist. When he turned on the screen, he saw a photo of himself dressed as a girl being auctioned for lots of money. Hatora quipped that next time she’ll take a nude photo of him. Sensing danger, he ran away from home... only to realize later that he was still dressed as a girl.
He ended up in front of the art gallery and a seemingly rich girl Rena asked why he was there so late at night. Mistaken for a student at the nearby girls-only art school Oukou Gakuen, he was taken inside to observe a bunch of paintings being brought into the gallery. Suddenly, he noticed some thieves and ended up getting taken hostage. After being saved by Rena’s bodyguard Chiharu, he thought he was free to go... but then Rena ushered him into the waiting limousine and took him to her mansion!
Rena questioned him how he had known that the paintings were fake and demanded to know his name, upon which he replied Mizuki, which was his surname. With the help of the head maid Akie, he managed to not have his identity fully blown. Then Rena presented him with a school uniform and told him that she had signed him up at Oukou Gakuen after hearing that he didn’t attend school. He will also serve as her maid. Unable to return home, how will Shin..., no, Mizuki fare in this new setting!?


TitleOtome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas Aliases乙女が紡ぐ恋のキャンバス Play timeLong Developerensemble Publishersensemble GenreSchool, Comedy, Romance Age rating18+
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