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There is a secret magic school on an island in southern Japan where only those people with magical talent are accepted. Normal people do not know about its existence aside from being an urban legend. It is the magicians’ task to help normal people secretly when strange events occur.
Tsukumo has lost his memories and wouldn’t have known his own name if not for the sole thing that he was carrying – a student card to the magic school. It seems that he used to be a magician, but somehow his memories were sealed. At the school, he is assigned to the special S group, which is full of problem students who possess great magical power. He notices that everyone at the school is female except him. Will he be able to recover his memories?
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Title: Mahou Shoujo to Koi+
Release: 2013-05-02
Length: n/a
Developer: DisAbel
Publisher: DisAbel, Blueberry Soft
Genre: Action, Magic, Fantasy, Mystery



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