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Ruri no Fune Gakuen-- This school, where young people with dreams from all over the country gather and study hard every day, Even though it is not a boys' school, the male student rate is 100%, It is called "a gray ship where neither color nor love can be found". However, recently, the school director has hired professional female teachers in each field. They had gained some sort of idol-like popularity from male students.
The main character, Arato Kanata, who left his hometown due to unforeseen circumstances and came to Japan, As he was an out-of-season immigrant, he was welcomed to Ruri no Fune Gakuen. Kanata, a special student, decides to aim for his graduation by taking after-school supplementary lessons in addition to regular classes for several months. His supplementary lessons are taught by female teachers who are longing for school boys. With a "special" sense of distance that is different from other boys, the relationship between Kanata and her teachers becomes "intimate"...
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Title: Houkago⇒Education! ~Sensei to Hajimeru Miwaku no Lesson~
Release: 2021-07-21
Length: n/a
Developer: Escu:de
Publisher: Escu:de
Genre: Romance, School



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