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Morning glory does not bloom at night. The quietly sparkling stars, the wind that squeezes the heat, and the full moon that shines brightly. She doesn't know. So that night would have been different. The smiling girl's left hand was a white lily, and her right hand was a cluster amaryllis. What does she think of and dye herself in vermilion? ... I woke up with the voice of a black-tailed gull. Looking out from the train window where the sunlight shines, the train was moving while splashing over the sea that was flooded by the rain the day before. The summer sun is white, and the Hikinami that follows the trajectory of the train is also white.
The sky is blue, indigo, and blue. A calm remote island where black-tailed gulls gather was even more floating in front of me. Are you excited? Or is it likely to be overwhelmed by anxiety? The only thing I know is that. On that island, a life without seeing the night begins. To remember the dream of a rainy night. --The morning glory does not know the night (Ai).


TitleAsagao wa Ai o Shiranai Aliasesアサガオは夜を識らない。 Play timeMedium DeveloperMELLOW PublishersMELLOW GenreDrama, Mystery Age rating18+
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