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My parents left this world when I was little. I had a sister who was very close to me when I was little. I was sad, but I couldn't say that to her. When I saw that she didn't understand the situation well, I thought that I, as the older brother, should be prepared for it. But the determination of a child is of no use to me. Driven by the changing situation, they spend a few days together with the support of their neighbors until they find a place to live.
Then comes the time to say goodbye. The brother regrets not being able to do anything about it, even though he was determined to protect it. As they are about to say goodbye, he makes one last promise to his brother. If you ever grow up and have a bad day, you can count on your brother! I'll get you out of there, I promise! Yes, I promise... A brother and sister twirl their little fingers and cut their fingers off. When the finger cutting is over, they go their separate ways, crying to each other.
[And then the time goes by - Reunion with my sister]
He is pondering if she is doing well, even though they have been separated for about ten years. On his way to the shopping mall to buy dinner, he meets a cute girl. She reminds me of my sister... Maybe it's just because I dreamed about my sister.... The image of my sister on the day of our separation overlaps with the girl who is walking away from me, and it makes my heart ache for some reason.
On the way home, he bumps into the girl he saw earlier at the corner. My brother is puzzled, but he looks at me and asks, "Brother...? and a girl.
They look at each other, forgetting that it's raining. As they do so, tears slowly accumulate in the girl's eyes, and finally she starts to cry politely.
Koharu: "Umm, no.......I'm so happy to see my brother.......
The rain was getting heavier, so I decided to take my sister home for now. He tries not to worry about his brother, but he's worried that he won't be hated or something. When he finds out how his sister feels, he vows to protect her again. They're going to step out to preserve a lot of memories of being together for the amount of time they've been apart.


TitleShin-neko ~Saikai Shita Imouto to no Arata na Kankei~ Aliasesshin-neko ~再会した妹との新たな関係~ Play timeMedium Developermilimili:AMUSE CRAFT EROTICA Publishersmilimili:AMUSE CRAFT EROTICA GenreRomance Age rating18+
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