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Minato’s last blood-relative, his grandmother, passed away and now he is all alone in this world. He thinks about how he was blessed to have family, but dryly laughs about how he’ll need to take care of himself now.
However, during the funeral of his grandmother, someone named Kazari approaches him and offers to admit him into a prestigious school, in addition to providing him a place to reside. Minato immediately and thankfully takes up on this offer, but soon realizes that the Suzu Academy is an all-girl’s school, and the "ojou-sama" that he’ll be residing with has flaws of their own which really shattered his expectation for a high-class lady.


TitleOtome * Domain Aliasesオトメ*ドメイン Play timeMedium DeveloperPalette Qualia PublishersPalette Qualia GenreSlice of life, School, Comedy Age rating18+
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