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Kyou’s adoptive parents passed away suddenly in an accident, leaving him at a loss at what to do. Then he was summoned to a parallel world, where he was greeted by the person who summoned him, the holy princess Felicia.
“Welcome back, Hero. You are truly the descendant of the dragon, the Hero who I had been waiting all this time for…!”
This parallel world of Altair was once protected by a goddess and her follower divine dragon. However, they lost their lives in a war with the god Nyx from the world of Abyss. The citizens of Altair seeked power to oppose the invading forces, so a summoning ritual was performed to bring back the Hero from Earth.
“We need you. Will you fight alongside me…?”
Kyou did not see himself as a Hero, but he could not refuse to help the princess. However, he lacked any battle knowledge, so he entered an explorer training school with her. As if by fate, other girls joined them, harboring secrets of their own. He finally found the place where he always yearned for: a peaceful life full of warm smiles and happiness.
Before long, these fine days and the whole world would be under threat. Will their bonds of friendship protect them and will they be successful in saving the world?


TitleYuusha to Odore Aliasesアクア Play timeLong Developercatwalk Publisherscatwalk GenreFantasy, RPG Age rating18+
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