Setsuna ni Kakeru Koi Hanabi

Setsuna ni Kakeru Koi Hanabi - CRYSTALiA

In the 2040s in Japan, the near-future sport "Jindou" boasts a high popularity as the sport of the people. And the the most famous of all the Jindou performances is the "Daihouen".
Suzakuin Nadeshiko, although currently still a school student, has been fantastically making a name for herself as a pro swordswoman. On the other side, the protagonist Takizawa Kazuma, a washed-up pro swordsman, competes in underground Jindou matches to make ends meet.
One day, these two who were born and lived in completely different worlds had a fateful meeting.
"Kazuma-san, your swordsmanship is the real deal. Fight with us in the Daihouen and let's make it to the top!"
"...yeah. If we could that'd be great"
The pair, captivated by Jindou, are drawn to each other's swordsmanship and seek each other. With Takizawa Komari and Hanabusa Palvi joining Team White Wolf too, they eventually make big waves on the stage of the Daihouen.
If they win, glory awaits. If they lose, they fall from grace. With their beliefs held in their breasts, the swordsmen step out into a battle they can't afford to lose in the intense world of pros.
Swordsmen live in the moment. The "moment" you let slip will never come back-- in which case, set your soul alight.


TitleSetsuna ni Kakeru Koi Hanabi Aliases刹那にかける恋はなび Play timeMedium DeveloperCRYSTALiA PublishersCRYSTALiA GenreRomance, Action Age rating18+
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