Koibana Ren'ai

Koibana Ren'ai - ASa Project

Due to the declining birthrate and various problems of the adults, the school where the boys attends no longer exists, and starting from this year, the protagonist Kanata, and his friends, are transferred to a famous school located nearby, where many ojousama attend, but is now a co-educational school, Ouka Academy.
"Since I'm going there, I want to have a girlfriend!!!"
With such common wishes, the boys are excited about their new lives with the prim and proper ojousama whom they have yet to meet.
Then comes the long-awaited first day of their co-educational lives. To the Flower Garden! The boys take a step forward────.
"This is different from what I was expecting!!!"
They cannot comprehend the girls' way of life which is far off from what they have imagined. But, another unexpected thing is that the girls also feel the same as them.
"My prince...... Is different from what I was expecting."
The wishes that the both sides have wished for, they do not seem to come true. Still, they want to fall in love! They want to talk about love!!
The amateurs huddling together, using love story as a weapon──── Such youthful lovestruck rascals, this is the effort of a silly, but adorable romance.


TitleKoibana Ren'ai Aliasesコイバナ恋愛 Play timeMedium DeveloperASa Project PublishersASa Project GenreComedy, School, Romance Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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