Utatemeguri - FLAT

Waking up his childhood friend, going to school and getting lectured by his diligent underclassman, watching his close friends have a battle that rivals the intensity of Phoenix Wright’s courtrooms over their lunch is all part of Hidaka Satsuki lives his normal and peaceful life with no complaints.
One day, the mysterious transfer student, Rebecca, who just transferred only recently called out Renka, Satsuki’s childhood friend, to the rooftop and said “How much longer are you going to pretend to be human, you monster?” In the midst of all this confusion, a bullet shot broke the silence, and the rooftop was painted with red. No! What has happened, why did Rebecca shoot Renka? And the plot thickens further as night falls upon Yoiha Academy...


TitleUtatemeguri Aliasesうたてめぐり Play timeMedium DeveloperFLAT PublishersFLAT GenreAction, Magic Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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