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This is a story that takes place a little after Shirokoi Sakura Gram, when all the disasters have been settled... Sitaro Sehma has barely survived the turbulent third semester and the never-ending winter, and is now safely in his third year of high school.
It was as if all his bad luck had been turned upside down at once, In the spring, he changes classes and ends up in the same class as Yuri Shirouha and Kazuha Kuonji, who are both highly praised as two of the most beautiful girls in the school. Moreover, they were seated next to each other, and the boys were cheering him on as if he were the main character in a school play. In addition, other students from other classes, such as Kasakura and Sudo, came to visit him, making his class even more crowded than before.
There was no longer a shadow of anxiety creeping over Seiryo Gakuen as before.
Instead, he was too hectic at the time to notice, The ennui look of the girls in their classes and their daily problems. She talks with Yuri, the student body president, about her studies and her future, Ichiyo, the white lily of Seiryo, and I stood shoulder to shoulder and policed public morals together.
And after school, they form a close bond of love as lovers, and engage in a lustful flirtation.
Yes, they have finally arrived. Normal life had finally arrived.


TitleShirokoi Sakura * Gram LF Aliases白恋サクラ*グラムLF Play timeMedium DeveloperNanaWind PublishersNanaWind GenreSchool, Romance Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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