The popular "Ambitious Mission" is returning!
It can't be over... I wanted to talk more to the heroines, i want to be with them. Anmitsu fans, the long-awaited After Episode is here. Please enjoy the sweet day to day flirting with the heroines.
1: Inclusion of heroine after episodes. The sweet life with the main heroines continues. The H-scenes are of the same rich quality as they were in the main story. These are stories full of love between each other.
2: We have added a new exclusive story for the popular side-character Charlotte! In response to the request of many people, Charlotte's love story is now available. You can thoroughly enjoy the romance with Charlotte which was not possible in the main story. Of course, H-scenes have also been included. - After Episode 2
3: New story for the popular side-character Miharu has been added!! A story of sweet daily life, but also full of love. We promise to deliver, of course there are H-scenes too. - After Episode 1


TitleAMBITIOUS MISSION After Episode AliasesAMBITIOUS MISSION アフターエピソード Play timeShort DeveloperSAGA PLANETS PublishersSAGA PLANETS GenreRomance, School, Comedy Age rating18+
Japanese Version
AMBITIOUS MISSION After Episode 1 Kaguya & Atena [JP] Size: 2,2gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
AMBITIOUS MISSION After Episode 2 Yae & Nijimu & Charl [JP] Size: 2,2gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers