Tenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT!

Tenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT! - Yuzusoft

It began as a day just like any other. A dull morning, an uneventful trip to school, an afternoon of tedious lectures... And then I met her.
"I'm an angel, sent here from Heaven on a very important mission."
She appeared suddenly, and without warning―a beautiful girl who called herself an angel. Spreading her large, snow-white wings, she made a declaration that would forever change my life.
"I come in search of the Demon Lord's reincarnation." "That being you, Tanikaze Riku."
That's right, apparently I was a Demon Lord in my previous life. From some other world to boot.
Unfortunately for me, the anarchy wouldn't stop there. Memories from a previous life, visitors from another world... It was just one crazy, chaotic event after the other.
"Wait, what? But that doesn't― Huh?!"
Thus began the story of Tanikaze Riku, a tale marked by the loss of his normal life, along with so many other precious things. Aside from even more anarchy, what else does the future have in store for him?


TitleTenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT! Aliases天使☆騒々 RE-BOOT! Play timeLong DeveloperYuzusoft PublishersYuzusoft GenreSchool Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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