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The main character, Nakamori Taiga, is a fan of the underground idol "Kemonomichi☆Girish Square". He was supposed to be just a geek, but he accidentally discovers the secret of "Kemonomichi".
What is the secret? ...... They are both idols and magical girls. 2. to save the world from mysterious magical creatures floating in the air 3. they are helping to collect "Palu", the energy of people's joy. This was the reason for the project.
The main character was drawn into the management staff in a rather forceful manner. However, producing the idol of his choice is a dream of a dream for a dol otaku. He is single-mindedly passionate about the members, and as he gets to know them, he finds himself in a relationship with them, Through successful promotions and various other things, he establishes a modest position as an underground idol. The invitation arrived to "Kemonomichi" who was on the upswing.
The festival to determine the No. 1 underground idol, and the pinnacle of the underground idol scene. This is a chance to participate in a huge nationwide event, Can the main characters make it?
The magical girl idol success (planned) story accelerates even further! We are going to be back again with full throttle and vigor.


TitleKemonomichi ☆ Girlish Square 2 Aliasesけもの道☆ガーリッシュスクエア2 Play timeShort DeveloperWhirlpool PublishersWhirlpool GenreRomance Age rating18+
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