I've been thinking about it a lot in my mind and not expressing it in my face or in my words. Yes, I have decided to make the senpai one of my own.
Shinsui, a city at the forefront of the times.
Life there is exciting and new things are being born every day. New things are born every day.
Tsukigaoka Ran is a genius girl living in such a town.
Her lucid mind is worthy of being called a genius, but there is no one who truly understands her. But no one truly understands her. Even Ran Tsukigaoka herself does not know who she is.
No, she thought she knew. She thought she knew who she was.
But the truth is, she did not know. She did not even know that she could have a budding love.
Tsukigaoka Ran's love. It is one of the new things that is born in Shinsui. and one of the most exciting things you will ever see.


TitleFLIP * FLOP ~RAMBLING OVERRUN~ AliasesFLIP * FLOP ~RAMBLING OVERRUN~ Play timeShort DeveloperDiGination PublishersDiGination GenreScience Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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