RE:D Cherish! -Eternity Blood-

RE:D Cherish! -Eternity Blood- - CRYSTALiA

Yukimitsu Hisaka, protagonist of the story, has arrived in the free city of Eluteria after having everything taken away from him. He meets a girl who has a dream to rebuild a diner, and they are united.
One year has passed since he and his friends overcame many difficulties and rebuilt the DD Diner. The story begins again.
Yukimitsu is reunited with twin sisters who were involved in a mission for the Uraga Agency.
"No way, are they Merc and Barta,......! 'I always believed we would meet again. I'm so glad you're safe. ......!"
In the course of his mission, Yukimitsu promised to marry Merck. But that promise was never fulfilled.
The past is behind us, and we will live through the same time again. "Ah, I'm sorry, but that's not how it works. ......
The woman of the past, Merc, and her current lover, Yunika. The two are not only the same, but they are also the same.
Meanwhile, a disturbing shadow looms over Yukimitsu and his friends. The "White Sheep Church" views DD-mod holders as "avengers to mankind" and plans to exterminate them. They focused their attention on the Fifth True Ancestor Alice, and Yunika and Yukimitsu behind her.
They are pagan worshippers. The Freaks must be hunted.
The sisters of the White Sheep Church, Merck and Barta, were told that they had to hunt them.


TitleRE:D Cherish! -Eternity Blood- Aliasesレッドチェリッシュ・エタニティブラッド Play timeMedium DeveloperCRYSTALiA PublishersCRYSTALiA GenreRomance, Action Age rating18+
Japanese Version
RE:D Cherish! -Eternity Blood- [JP] Size: 2,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
RE:D Cherish! -Eternity Blood- [JP] Size: 2,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Meguru Sekai de Towanaru Chikai o! [JP] Size: 2,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers