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This is not a beautiful story where you go back and forth between the game world and reality while bonding with a girl.
Is this another world reincarnation? Stranded alone in a game world? -No. He is not dead. -He gets to return to reality every day.
So what should we call the events he is experiencing?
"I'm the only one who falls into a network game in the flesh, and every day I repeat the process of returning to reality when I die in the game world. Also, I can't see my stats or anything. I mean, I'm so weak that I can die just from falling down...what's is this?
YES, that is exactly what this is!
Shikigi Yuuri is a temporary teacher at the Nijou Crane Academy, the real-life setting of the school. On the day he first set foot in the school, he traveled to the world of "XR", a network game operated by the school..... and he returned safely a few hours later to reality after he died in the game.
From there, he was cursed. If he dies in the game world, he returned to reality. But after school each day, he returns to the game world again against his will. Not to mention that all his students that play the game... are all quite frantic
An assassin with an obsession of killing the protagonist: Eiko
A saintly woman who will even kidnap the weak to protect them: Suika
A self-paced mage with an obsessive thirst for knowledge: Minami
A knight who never listens to anyone and wild-eyed young lady: Ponkotsu
And finally, the hero who does not care about saving the world: Kiki
He has no true friends, and no one is in their right mind. And yet, he continues to fight day in and day out to break the curse! Well, he doesn't have the strength to fight, so he just gives orders from behind. Will he be able to escape from the game world?.... Or else..


TitleGirls Frantic Clan Aliasesガールズフランティッククラン Play timeMedium DeveloperGiga PublishersGiga GenreRPG Age rating18+
Japanese Version
Girls Frantic Clan [JP] Size: 2,8gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Girls Frantic Clan [JP] Size: 2,8gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers