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Alchemy―― It is the process that can transform an "existence" into another "existence", The Great Work.
In the City of Alchemy, Allenbeek. Since ancient times, the alchemy here has been actively researched and developed in its own way.
But, that was a long time ago――
Nowadays, most of the residents here immersed themselves in SNS, social games, and online shopping...... They spends their days using technology, with no interest in alchemy! With the development of science, technology, and the changing times, the alchemy is now a thing of the past!
"Alchemy is a wonderful technology.......! It's a venerable culture that shouldn't be allowed to fade away!!"; Said the daughter of the owners of a long-established alchemy supply store, Ruri.
Joined by the protagonist and her childhood friend, Io;
A kouhai who comes to the city to study alchemy, Kanon;
And a girl with excellent skills, but only interested in her own research, Sara;
Together, in order to revive the alchemy, they tried to make "Something amazing that will surprise everyone".
But in that process, they accidentally created――
A non-human girl with beast ears and tail. A life created by alchemy―― A homunculus.
With her birth, the city, and the wishes of the girls; The era of the alchemy which has almost come to a halt, begins to move once again――


TitleArcana Alchemia Aliasesアルカナ・アルケミア Play timeMedium DeveloperLump of Sugar PublishersLump of Sugar GenreRomance Age rating18+
Japanese Version
Arcana Alchemia [JP] Size: 3,8gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Arcana Alchemia [JP] Size: 3,8gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers