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November, winter. Sitting at the base of two mountains is Kirihara Academy, an all-girls Christian boarding school. Men are normally forbidden on the premises, with the sole exception being the protagonist Shiratori Ritsu, who both attends the academy as a student and serves as a priest.
Ritsu has the power to bring "bliss" to anyone he touches, with the potency being higher if it's sexual in nature. He's targeted by demons for having this miraculous power, and has never once left the academy. The girls consider him an "angel", with many coming into his carnal embrace in search of "bliss".
Burdened by the sin of killing one of these girls, Ritsu vowed to put others' happiness above all else.
Caught in a chaotic mix between the pure and the obscene, Ritsu spends his days on the precipice of insanity. That would soon change, however, with the arrival of a single girl. The curtain of our story rises, and Mary Harker, a vampire at the end of her hundred-year long journey, takes the stage.
Sharing the spotlight with her, is the voice of a demon on the other side of the phone.
Can the power of "miracles" really bring people happiness? What is the value of being born into this world?
This is a story of life woven with words of prayer--


TitleAoi Tori Aliasesアオイトリ Play timeMedium DeveloperPurple software PublishersPurple software GenreSchool Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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Aoi Tori [JP] Size: 5,1gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers