To be able to touch each other - it's such a warm and happy feeling!
In the near future, the personal AI assistant hologram "Tink" will be as popular as smartphones in the real world. The near future, where "Tink," a personal AI assistant, has become as widespread as smartphones in the real world.
Even in such a situation, young people are still living in their youth.
The protagonist, who moved from the countryside to the city Queen, an unprecedented "AI assistant" who is life-size and completely independent, which is impossible in this age, summoned from an "outdated smartphone" entrusted to him by his late grandfather. A mysterious and beautiful genius girl who is a student but an up-and-coming developer, leading the development of a unique "AI Assistant" using nanomachines. A bright, energetic, full of vitality and full of life, a girl who used to be a childhood friend of mine. The naturally arrogant and confident daughter of the president of a leading global company, and They solve the troubles that occur around them.
As they meet, interact, mingle, and touch each other, they gradually become adults. This is a story of the days of youth that come to everyone.


TitleFLIP * FLOP ~INNOCENCE OVERCLOCK~ AliasesFLIP * FLOP ~INNOCENCE OVERCLOCK~ Play timeShort DeveloperDiGination PublishersDiGination GenreScience Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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FLIP * FLOP ~INNOCENCE OVERCLOCK~ [JP] Size: 3,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers