2045, Tsuki Yori.

2045, Tsuki Yori. - MELLOW

─ ─ In 2045, will people still have ''hearts''?
The year is 2045. The year that was predicted to bring about the "Singularity of Technology. Instead, androids, created to help people, are on their way to permeate human life, following six generations.
I am an android born on the moon.
Ieiri Manao, a boy who hates androids, meets a woman in a local city who is a cutting-edge android born on the moon. She escaped from the research institute because she longed for the human world, and she was living as a human and running a coffee shop. The boy encounters an alien person and gradually comes to know the strangeness of the city.
Unidentified (?) A student internet idol who appears and disappears from the city.
A "saint/sister" with superhuman physical abilities and a dark side.
Two detectives belonging to the Public Security Section Zero, a dark organization in the country.
An overwhelmingly charismatic leader of a young gang.
The town connects the boy and ''someone else'' with ''Fate of the Mechanism: Dare Ex Machina''. The city connects the boy and ''someone else''....


Title2045, Tsuki Yori. Aliases2045、月より。 Play timeMedium DeveloperMELLOW PublishersMELLOW GenreRomance Age rating18+
Japanese Version
2045, Tsuki Yori. [JP] Size: 3,6gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
2045, Tsuki Yori. [JP] Size: 3,6gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers