Tenmei no Conquista -Tenjou Kessen Hen-

Tenmei no Conquista -Tenjou Kessen Hen- - Eushully

Klaus and his team set out to suppress the demon tribe, and on the way they met an angel who called herself Ramuel. They proceeded with her to the demon tribe's control area, where they were confronted by a man who called himself the Demon King. After a fierce battle, Klaus and his men were victorious, but they learned a new fact that would become the reason why Ramuel had set his sights on this place. This fact was strange and incomprehensible from many angles. The next destination was the place he had just visited, the "Seigyo no Reiho," the holy place of angels. With Ramuelle, who has come to act of her own volition, we continue on our way in search of the source of this struggle and the source of the anomalies that are occurring in this land. ......


TitleTenmei no Conquista -Tenjou Kessen Hen- Aliases天冥のコンキスタ-天上決戦編- Play timeLong DeveloperEushully PublishersEushully GenreRPG, Fantasy Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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