Signalist Stars!!

Signalist Stars!! - Ibiza

Anyone is welcome to the special island model city of Koumei, so long as you are steadfast to your dreams, no more how big or small. For example, it could be wishing to falling in love like in the movies, or becoming a bride.
Atsushi wishes to become a hero who protects the city. One day, as if by fate, he met the transfer student Kureha who wants to become a prince who protects everyone. Neither wanted to give up on their very similar goals, so the school chairman Isumi announced a competition to determine who will be the hero. They have to help others and the appropriate winner will be chosen based on everyone’s votes. Will they be able to protect the culture festival from aspiring evil-doers and seize the hero title?


TitleSignalist Stars!! Aliasesしぐなリストスタ~ズ!! Play timeMedium DeveloperIbiza PublishersIbiza GenreSchool Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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