Re: LieF ~Shin'ainaru Anata e~

Re: LieF ~Shin'ainaru Anata e~ - RASK

The isolated Pacific island of Mikumo has no internet nor cell phones, not even any convenience stores or family restaurants. There’s not much to do in terms of entertainment. It is here that Tsukasa begins his new school life, a new beginning, with both hope and unease. He shares a room with a guy who he meets for the first time. How will his relationships with others who have their own goals turn out and what will their "graduation" be like?


TitleRe: LieF ~Shin'ainaru Anata e~ AliasesRe:LieF ~親愛なるあなたへ~ Play timeLong DeveloperRASK PublishersRASK GenreMystery, School Age rating18+ Fan translatorAbarax
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