Sora no Ao to Shiro to / Mabataki no Natsu

Sora no Ao to Shiro to / Mabataki no Natsu - Barista Lab

June 10, Friday. Only today, the rainy season pauses.
The corridors after school are filled with the sounds of youth. The sounds of youth are being played by a myriad of club activities of all kinds.
I, too, was on my way to the club room. Holding the "Application for Club Discontinuation" in my hand.
In the familiar club room where we would soon part ways, there was an unfamiliar girl.
She was reading my unfinished manuscript and smiling happily. Then she spotted me, closed the distance between us, and said.
I'm Tsubomi Hinohara, Class A, Year 2. I'm going to join the Souzou Club.
I really want to read the rest of the story!   I'm a fan of your work!
The way she looked at me was like a searchlight. His sparkling eyes. Eyes that see dreams. Moved by this irresistible devotion, I took Hinohara's offer.


TitleSora no Ao to Shiro to / Mabataki no Natsu Aliases空の青と白と/瞬きの夏 Play timeMedium DeveloperBarista Lab PublishersBarista Lab GenreSchool Age rating18+
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