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My Little Dictator is a satirical dark-comedy parody of WW2, featuring genderbent anime dictators and generals! A ridiculous visual novel with turn-based battles, decision branches based on player choices, romance, drama and lots of fun things to play and unlock...
The world is on the brink of destruction. The treaties of the past have failed. Tensions brew as the Europa powers prepare themselves for war. The young dictators of the continent find themselves drawn into battle... Yamato Yamamoto, a disillusioned but brave soldier from the Empire of Zipangu, is sent on a secret mission to spy on the Füühbar of Germania. Can Yamato handle these deceptive, towering figures of history - the cruel Adorofia Hitora of Germania, the sly Gallia Cyrano of the Republic of Franzo, the bold Winstefina Churchill of the Empire of Britannia, the lazy Benita Mussorinni of the Empire of Vitalia, and the devilish Iosefina Starin of the Union of Sovia?
Will his mission be a success? Or will the world be plunged into further tyranny and darkness? The clock is ticking as the continent sleepwalks to its doom...


TitleMy Little Dictator Aliases私の小さな独裁者 Play timeVery long DeveloperWarGirl Games PublishersWarGirl Games GenreStrategy Age ratingAll Ages
English Version
My Little Dictator [ENG] Size: 949mb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
My Little Dictator [ENG] Size: 949mb | Password: visual_novel_lovers