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Sora ni Kizanda Parallelogram - Uguisu Kagura

Yuzu was fascinated with terpischora ever since she saw a splendid match unfold before her eyes for the first time. Unable to forget that moment, she transferred to Kuzukiri Gakuen to learn how to fly in the sky. There she met Ayumu, a former competitor whose career was cut short by injury, and he guided her into the world of terpischora. They worked hard together with his imouto Hari, osananajimi Ria and senpai Hotaru’s mutual encouragement and support. Striving to be the best while going through the highs and lows, they grow through the sport and learn for what or whom they decided to fly.


TitleSora ni Kizanda Parallelogram Aliases空に刻んだパラレログラム Play timeLong DeveloperUguisu Kagura PublishersUguisu Kagura GenreSports, Romance Age rating18+
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