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Woodfall, Kingdom of Winstoll――.
There hasn't been a single ray of sunlight; the sky was closed off by dark clouds for a hundred years. The land feared by the people as the "Cursed Land", abandoned by God, is ruled by the "Beast Lord", Gran Woodfall.
Gran, who lives in an old castle deep in a foggy forest is a genuine beast who lives for a hundred years without aging due to a curse.
Sylphia, the princess of the Kingdom of Winstoll, was invited to the "Beast Lord" Gran's castle.
Princess Sylphia had been presented as Gran's fiancée by the contract that had been signed between Gran and King Winstoll.
She is a princess that was confined in the royal castle since she was a child. A "Cursed Princess", a princess with a curse that called for disaster.
However, it was the princess' curse that is sought by Gran.
"The preparations are complete. Ring the bell, the time is ticking, fill the vessel with curses. Come on―― let's get the "ritual" started."
Gran had lived for a hundred years, wishing only to take back his lover, whom he had lost due to his unreasonable fate.
Having obtained Sylphia's curse; a necessary power for the sake of his objective. Gran began the "ritual" with the cursed monsters that had been summoned in the castle.
In the middle of the forest, shrouded in mist and darkness, the curtains opened on the training ceremony of lust for a virgin in the cursed castle――.


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