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Inner yearnings... Immutable ideals... Dreams and reality...
One day, all of a sudden, magic came into the world. The existence of magic wasn't a secret known only to a certain few, but was announced by the current government and quickly became common knowledge.
Today, it's an age where magic is used as a resource and has permeated throughout many different fields. A city was founded on Agartha, the island where magic was discovered, and research continues to this day. This is a story about the fates of those who live in this magical world.
Watch as six radically different people find their paths converging...
Mutsumi Haruto, a 9th-Class Caster at the First National Magical Academy. A slightly half-baked boy who can't turn a blind eye to wrongdoing. Senri, an OutCast. An anonymous inhabitant of the city's nightlife. Rikudou Asahi, a 9th-class Caster at the Academy. A unique girl facing trials on her way to the Land of Dreams. Atori Riku, a 10th-Class Caster at the Academy. A CEO's daughter who's not on the same wavelength as her peers. Kousaki Fiona Annabel, an apprentice sister at the local church. Her smile never goes out. Noah, the Unknown. A girl spotted on Agartha.
Casters and OutCasts... What fate awaits these two divergent forces?
The miracle of magic which governs the world will shape the fates of those within it.


TitleSorcery Jokers Aliasesソーサリージョーカーズ Play timeLong Developer3rdEye PublishersMangaGamer GenreAction, Magic, Mystery Age rating18+
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