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An art school, Arimori Gakuen, is located in a town a short distance from the city center. Two years have passed since the students entered the school, and they are now one year older than their classmates, "Sakurada Anzu" and "Anzu". Childhood friends, the beautiful sisters "Saegusa Ayame" and "Saegusa Hinata Nanase Katsuragi, a girly junior, and Ikue Kigure and Riko Urushibara, who often come to visit. The student life was centered around the workroom, which was full of life together with the students. Time passed, and new students "Laura" and "Hanashi Maniwa" entered the school in time for Anzu's graduation. The school life of "being doted on by the younger sisterly students" has begun!


TitleAi Kiss 3 Aliasesアイキス3 Play timeMedium DeveloperGiga PublishersGiga GenreRomance, School Age rating18+
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