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Deep, deep in a forest. As if isolated from the outside world, ...... or hidden away, stands the Morinomiya Academy. Many people in this world recognize the school by other names.
Boys and girls from all over the world are gathered in this school. It is a last resort for those who have the distorted "gift" of the almighty ......, which makes it difficult for them to lead an everyday life. The "Yuzuriha Organization," a "gift" research organization that runs the school, carefully protects them.
Because their power is a blessing and grace given by the One in Heaven. They are not allowed to be afraid of the miracles that God has brought to them. It would be a denial of God's will, a denial of this world that God has created.
The main character, a boy named Prayer Kobayakawa, is one of those who were invited to this Morinomiya Academy through the manifestation of a "gift. The characteristic that manifested itself in him is that he "cannot carry over new memories except for one thing he has decided to do. The first time I saw this, I was surprised to learn that the "new" version of the "old" version was not a "new" version.
You don't forget everything. You can only remember one thing. "Finding that one thing...  I imagine it's the only thing you have to accomplish at this school.
and who gave me these words, they are the only guide.
The protagonist lives a quiet life in a closed school, worrying and hiding the "fetters"...... loneliness of a lifetime in his heart. Then a transfer student, Koi Mikuriya, appears before him. She says, "I don't want to give up anything. I want to experience the joy of youth here. Then she says, "Because I will die soon." ......
This is a story that questions the meaning of destiny. God is certainly there, and he keeps asking the boys about it.


TitleUnless Terminalia Aliasesアンレス・テルミナリア Play timeMedium DeveloperWhirlpool PublishersWhirlpool GenreSchool, Romance Age rating18+
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