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Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers - AKABEiSOFT3

In Ederant, the greatest honour regardless of gender is becoming a knight. Till enrolled in the knight-training school Equites and must find a partner for the knight examination. He met the smart but naive Sefi, the motivated cool beauty Frey, the mysterious gun-toting Lil, and the foreign giant sword-wielding Canon. His pure admiration of knights would soon change into a greater wish due to these girls with the same aspirations.


TitleSeikishi Melty ☆ Lovers Aliasesせいきしメルティラバーズ Play timeMedium DeveloperAKABEiSOFT3 PublishersAKABEiSOFT3 GenreAction, Romance Age rating18+
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