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"Maybe I was looking for spring." "Maybe I was looking for love."
Kazami Souzora was still working as a nurse at Ayaka Girls' Academy after the first semester had passed, which was her original plan. Her traveling companion, Shirobana, is also working as an assistant, but they no longer live together at their hot spring resort, Shikisai-no-sato. Having sent her sister off happily, Aozora has decided to lead a life not for her sister, but for herself. Shirobana, who knows this better than anyone else, decides to step aside and watch over Aozora from afar. Just as Yumeka, Aozora's older sister, did in the past.
Autumn is the season of school events, including a field trip to a lavender field and a school festival held jointly by the sister schools. As time passes by in a hurry, one day, a new rumor was added to the Seven Wonders of the school. It is said that demons appear at night. It is said that the school grounds are being ravaged by these demons. Souzora, who thinks it is the work of the soul person, is sent to investigate the rumors of demons. He is accompanied by Otohime, the school doctor, who is a reliable workmate and drinking companion.
The language of cherry blossoms is the language of beauty. And purity. ----


TitleHokenshitsu no Sensei to Gothloli no Koui Aliases保健室のセンセーとゴスロリの校医 Play timeMedium DeveloperCitrus PublishersCitrus GenreSchool, Romance, Superpower Age rating18+
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