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There are three times when a man is irresistible. One winter day, a classmate told me that, and without any evidence, I decided to believe it. One winter day, I was alone, thinking about my own love life. I want a girlfriend. But love is too hard for me. There are three reasons why I think so. The first is "dating". It's purely a matter of luck, and even if I try, it's difficult. 2nd: The second is timing. Even if you find someone you like, there is always the timing of when you fall in love with them and when you tell them you like them. I think this "timing" is always a part of love. 3rd: And the third was my own feeling of "I don't just want a girlfriend. I don't just want a girlfriend. I want to have a girlfriend, but I want to take the proper steps to find love. Such romance was firmly in my dry heart.
I wondered if I would ever be able to be popular again. The world is always filled with various choices and decisions every day. I want to make my own destiny in such a wide world with my efforts. It was the winter of my second year at the school, and I was vaguely thinking such things.


Title1/1 Kareshi Kanojo Aliases1/1彼氏彼女 Play timeMedium DeveloperSMEE PublishersSMEE GenreRomance, Slice of life, Comedy Age rating18+
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