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The continent of Levancia, where humanity enjoys prosperity under the blessing of Harial, the goddess of the sun. The goddess of darkness, Ishtar, was sealed, and the dark demons were squeezed into the frontiers and the bottom of the earth.
Because of the era full of light, the demons seek a savior. An old demon king who once followed Ishtar. His resurrection was the long-cherished wish of the demons.
Time has passed and the Demon King finally makes his resurrection. Regius, the hero of the demons. And confronting him are the heroes of the sacred treasures of this world.
"Now is the time to create a demon paradise ──!"
The battle to bring about change in the age of light and darkness is about to begin.


Title: Venus Blood: Savior
Length: Long
Developer: Dual Tail
Pubilsher: Dual Tail
Genre: Fantasy, RPG



File Name : Venus Blood: Savior
File Size : 3,4 GB
Password : visual_novel_lovers