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This is the sequel and ending to Reminiscence. The main story is focused on the new heroine, Daizenji Suzuka, and the sub-characters, Kurayashiki Kazuha and Hasegawa Ren. Of course, there are also "after stories" for the five heroines from their respective routes, Kizuna, Aki, Accela, Rin, and Nozomi.
It’s been two years since the main character, Shimazu Hidetaka, became a special duty official. The others have gone their own ways since graduation. A significant change has come for Hope Town and Dream Town. There is also a discovery of the new city, "Yamato." They wished to maintain peace via diplomacy, but Yamato sent a one-sided demand to hand over all their technology. They were especially interested in the Kurayashiki name and requested Kazuha be sent to them. If their conditions were not met, then they would attack both cities with full force. The officials from Hope and Dream devoted themselves to tense negotiations to avoid such an outcome.


Title: Reminiscence
Length: Medium
Developer: Tigre Soft
Pubilsher: Tigre Soft
Genre: Comedy, Drama



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