Translate Visual Novel to any languange With VNTranslator


Have you ever thought about playing visual novel with your own language of choice? But, when you try it, the machine translator app you are trying doesn't have your language or doesn't even work with your language?

Don't worry, with VNTranslator now you can play visual novel with your own language of choice, like chinese or thai, and it works fine!


Now, if you interested, just folow this steps:
1. Download VNTranslator here
2. Download Textractor here
3. Extract and open VNTranslator
4. Extract Textractor
5. In VNTranslator, open Settings (The gear button), select input / module, select Textractor
6. In Textractor CLI Path, just browse to the Textractor folder you have extracted (Steps no.4)
Example: C:\Users\Yourname\Desktop\Textractor-5.0.1-Zip-Version-English-Only\Textractor\x86\TextractorCLI.exe
7. Exit settings, now change the clipboard (Button with box icon) to TextractorCLI
8. Select your visual novel process or its name (Make sure you have already open your VN)
9. In Extra window you can choose what you prefer (Extra window + JP means, it will show the Japanese original text and romaji)
10. When smart filtering show, click on your VN until it shows a conversation or text, then select the text that appears exactly like in the VN.
11. Now see at the extra window
12. Have fun :)

Have any question? Just ask it on our discord!