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Takumi had been studying abroad in England for a year when he received a telegram from home: “Imouto, serious condition, come back immediately”. He didn’t know what happened, but he rushed home to find his imouto Sana in a hikikomori state. She was also singing a song bashing England and streaming it online. How did his cute and pleasant imouto, who loved him so much, become like this?
He couldn’t leave her like this and decided to stop his studies abroad and transfer into the same school as her, Seishin Gakuen. However, he was soon reunited with other girls who loved him just as much. His new school life full of jealousy and icharabu has just begun!


TitleYakimochi Stream Aliasesヤキモチストリーム Play timeMedium DeveloperMadosoft PublishersMadosoft GenreSchool, Romance, Comedy Age rating18+
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