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Takumi is a normal guy who barely gets by with part-time jobs. One day, he was asked to attend the prestigious private school Rokuroku Gakuen while impersonating a rich student that looks just like him. Although he was hesitant to accept this strange request, circumstances (mainly financial) compelled him to agree to do it. However, he knows nothing about the celeb world. Will he be able to keep his cover?


TitleNoble ☆ Works Aliasesのーぶる☆わーくす Play timeLong DeveloperYuzusoft PublishersYuzusoft GenreSchool, Slice of life, Comedy Age rating18+ Fan translatorThe Oxford Comma is Superior Subs
Noble ☆ Works [ENG] Size: 3gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Noble ☆ Works [JP] [PENTA BOX EDITION] Size: 4,4gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Noble ☆ Works English Patch Size: 68mb | Fan Translation By: The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs