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A girl finds herself in a dark and unfamiliar forest when a monster appears out of nowhere and attacks. A mysterious boy, wielding a brush as if it were a sword, appears just in time to cut down the monster.
One day, a young chef Raylan and his mentor went together to the mountains to gather ingredients. Little did they know that they would encounter a heavy thunderstorm, and a hostile scouting party. In order to escape pursuit by the enemy, Raylan ran for his life in the mountain forest.
Soon afterwards, lightning started a fire around an area, and he stumbled upon a large hole in a tree. Inside, he encountered a mysterious girl in a deep sleep who resembled Sleeping Beauty, but before he could wake her up to find out what happened to her, everything turned black for some reason...
[Source : Steam]


Title: Vampires Melody
Release: 2020-10-03
Length: 2-10 hours
Developer: AsicxArt
Publisher: SakuraGame
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Vampire



File Name : Vampires Melody
File Size : 1,5 GB
Password : visual_novel_lovers