Undead Darlings ~No Cure for Love~ Free Download


Journey with and learn more about a crew of half-zombie girls through visual novel sequences and as you crawl through dungeons, beating up twisted creatures that were born from the fall of society in fast-paced turn-based RPG combat, and ultimately deliver the only known cure for what ails your party members to a place where it can be mass produced!
The visual novel portion contains a multitude of branching dialogue paths that, based on the choices you make, gives deeper insight into the different characters, whereas the RPG portion of the game uses a familiar but refined turn-based battle system with unique twists. Both of these gameplay features are contained within a dungeon crawler, meaning dungeons are explored from a first-person perspective in four cardinal directions, with the dungeon itself built like a maze and filled with traps
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Title: Undead Darlings ~No Cure for Love~
Release: 2020-09-28
Length: 10-30 hours
Developer: Mr. Tired Media
Publisher: Sekai Project
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Rpg



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File Size : 1,9 GB
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