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Tiny Bunny is a non-linear horror visual novel. Everything falls into slumber when winter comes, but not this forest. There's something wandering its snow-covered paths, lurking behind black trees and taking whatever it considers due. It leaves behind bizarre rumors of voices, calling you into the thicket, of faces, looking into your windows, of mysterious prints in the snow and... a bunch of "child missing" posters. Those, who have heard the voice of the forest, are beyond help. Their only option is to sink deeper and deeper into the cold embrace of horror to face their final choice in that icy darkness: to stay alive or to stay human?
The story takes place in a quiet, unremarkable village lost among the Siberian forests. Central character, Anton, recently has moved here with his family and almost immediately witnessed and participated in nightmarish events. Here children get lost. The police are powerless, search teams are combing out the forest, but they can’t find any evidence. Why, then, has Anton repeatedly come across with prints, bloodstains, and scraps of clothing? It seems like someone specially shows them to him. Firstly, simply strange dreams are pursuing him, but each time they become more and more frightening and bloody. And more and more real... and alluring. Anton will have to survive in the brutal school world, where newcomers are not welcome at all. He will have to find new friends and, perhaps, love. However, that's just too easy to lose them as children continue to disappear and anyone can be next.
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Title: Tiny Bunny
Release: 2021-04-16
Length: 6 hours
Developer: Saikono
Publisher: Saikono
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery



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File Size : 660 MB
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