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"See, sing with one" I needed something I could believe in. "Only children can ignore their surroundings." Classrooms, housing estates, summer festivals. "It's buried. Here--" Otherwise, I can't breathe. "The magic that destroys the world" Yugure crow One day I suddenly lose my imaginary friend Fairy Heart.
She once said that she "buried the magic of destroying the world" in the thickets behind the complex. With Hikaru Asano who is bullying the evening twilight to Moretsu Every day I look for magic that destroys the world.
One day, a popular person in the class, Hirano Mizuchi talks to me ...! ?? It is a lily juvenile novel game with a feeling of obstruction by three girls. Almost one straight road, the number of END is two
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Title: Sekai o Hakai Suru Mahou
Release: 2021-08-22
Length: 2 hours
Developer: Mokkyaripeo
Publisher: Mokkyaripeo
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Magic, School



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File Size : 338 MB
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