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Autumn has arrived at Verbena Academy. This summer, Lithia was able to become a lover with Ryoto, who had dreamed of her since she was a child. There was a figure of Lithia, the princess of the divine world, who experienced the autumn of the human world and was immersed in a melancholic mood.
"What I and Ryoto need most now ... that's the concubine!" Whether or not we should have a wedding with Ryoto alone when love comes to fruition as love and becomes a marriage. Lithia indulges in future delusions. While worried about the difference in values ​​with humans, the divine world is polygamy.
After all, if you want to get married, polygamy may be better! ?? Secretly from Rito, the search for Lithia's bride begins! !! On the other hand, a mysterious airplane suddenly appears on the ground of Verbena Academy! "Yorito-kun's father, maybe he's alive ...?" With the sudden appearance of an airplane and the appearance of a girl with memory loss who was a passenger, A mysterious journey begins at Verbena Academy in autumn ...! !!


Title: Princess x Princess
Release: 2021-08-27
Length: 10-30 hours
Developer: Navel
Publisher: Navel
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance



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