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The topic of the day is anti-terrorism. The story takes place in an alternate history where Japan is the economic center of the world in 2015, where they face threats of terror every day. On February 4, 70 years ago (1945), major cities of the Allied countries all went up in flames at around the same time, bringing Japan to victory. The atomic bombs never dropped, and history basically went the way of an conservative old Japanese man’s wet dream. Fast forward to 2015, and the culture isn’t all that different from the real world aside from the fact that Japan is an economic center that constantly faces terrorist attacks. There’s a bit of the Showa period feeling (high economic growth) to the modern setting.
The political side of things isn’t as important as the supernatural setting. There are rare objects with special powers, called Kurogane, that are used in anti-terrorism measures. Kurogane have a variety of useful powers, but they’re tools that choose their owners and few people have an affinity with them. In a high school-level police academy (which behaves more like a somewhat specialized high school than an actual police academy), there exists a top-secret team of Kurogane users called the Kurogane Team that takes on various missions to eradicate terrorists. The protagonist and heroines are all a part of this team, and the story revolves around their missions.


TitleKurogane Kaikitan -Sen'ya Ichiya- Aliasesクロガネ回姫譚-閃夜一夜- Play timeVery Long DeveloperMinato Station PublishersMinato Station GenreAction, Drama Age rating18+
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